As a UX Designer, I ponder how my younger self would perceive me today. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" didn't always have a clear answer. After teaching for a few years, my career became uncertain due to relocations and the pandemic. Transitioning into an IT recruiter role provided me with the opportunity to engage with designers, review portfolios, and immerse myself in design, helping me find my passion for UX design.

As a former teacher, I aim to bring creativity back into my career. My goal is to provide users an experience similar to what I offered my students. With a background in working with children, accessibility is crucial in my design work, and I am committed to ensuring it.

Becoming a UX designer wasn't part of my initial trajectory, however, I am thrilled with the evolution of my career and values. I eagerly anticipate continued learning in the ever-changing field of technology.
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